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I’m James Nellany, Founder and Lead Consultant at Amplifyze Marketing.

I’m a highly experienced digital growth marketer with a proven track record in profitably scaling paid digital marketing investments from zero to eight figures annually, as well as making significant improvements in the efficiency of existing paid digital channels.

To date I have directly managed or overseen more than £50M (US $65M) in profitable digital marketing spend for clients and former employers.

I’ve worked with big and small brands across a large range of industries, both in-house and as an independent consultant.

Here’s the story of my journey so far and how I came to set up Amplifyze Marketing…

How it all began…

I started my career in 2010 as a management consultant at Accenture, where I gained a lot of useful experience in client facing roles across different industries, as well as developing my problem solving skills and strategic thinking.

However, I didn’t enjoy feeling that I was a tiny cog in a huge corporate machine, or being a generalist rather than a specialist. So I left Accenture at the end of 2014 to join onefinestay, a small, fast growing travel startup as a data analyst in their acquisition marketing team.

onefinestay: from marketing analyst to successful channel owner

I worked for one year as a marketing analyst at onefinestay, sitting between the acquisition marketing and data analytics teams. This allowed me to develop deep technical skills in analytics and data visualisation and to work with channel owners to deploy these skills in various digital and offline acquisition marketing channels.

One year into my time at onefinestay, our Head of Paid Search left the business and I was asked to take over management of the channel on an interim basis.

The strategic priority of the time was to reduce spend and make the channel more efficient. Using my analytical abilities, I found opportunities to cut spend by 30-40% with no loss in revenue, which improved the overall profitability of the company significantly.

I loved the fact that as a channel owner I could use my analytical skills to impact both the top and bottom line directly, and made the decision to stay in Paid Search rather than move back to data analytics.

Naked Wines: scaling paid digital spend from zero to eight figures annually

When the opportunity came to join Naked Wines in January 2017 I took it with both hands. Here was an exciting, disruptive DTC brand that had somehow failed to scale any paid digital marketing effectively, despite several attempts to do so via agencies and previous internal teams.

Naked Wines was therefore solely reliant on parcel inserts for new customer acquisition growth. I knew there must be a way to make paid digital work and couldn’t wait to get started. And the free wine was a bonus too!

The first few months were very fun and challenging as we focused on trying to find a repeatable and scalable strategy on Paid Social (a totally new channel for me at the time).

We cracked the code by developing extremely engaging and high clickthrough-rate content ads that led users to a high converting quiz journey. Getting to this point required a lot of rigorous and structured testing and downstream customer behaviour measurement across ad creative, audience, bidding strategy, landing page/ quiz and acquisition offer, as well as being willing to challenge and test some conventional digital marketing best practices in light of Naked Wines’ specific business context.

From that point onwards, we went from strength to strength, successfully expanding into channels such as Paid Search and Native and quickly building out a proven and profitable annual seven figure paid digital investment pipeline. This had a significant positive impact on the business’ growth trajectory.

In 2019 I was promoted to Global Head of Digital Marketing, reporting directly to the Group CEO and managing the seven figure annual paid digital budget across UK, USA and Australian markets, as well as building and leading a team of seven paid digital marketing experts.

During my tenure as head of the team, we continued to significantly grow our profitable spend from seven to eight figures annually through rigorous testing and optimisation.

Going it alone….

I left Naked Wines in July 2021 in order to explore self employment. I wanted to get back to focusing on being a true subject matter expert in paid digital channels rather than progressing down a more general leadership career track. I also felt I could better maximise my overall value by working with multiple businesses rather than taking another full-time role at a single company.

Since 2021 I’ve worked on a variety of projects, helping clients to realise the full potential of their paid media investments.

In 2023 I set up Amplifyze Marketing as an evolution of this and to provide a platform to take things to the next level. I’m excited to be part of many client success stories in the coming months and years!

I am confident that I can help your business exceed its growth goals, but don’t just take my word for it….

….see what my past and present colleagues and clients have to say about me, in their own words.

Bryn Snelson Profile

“James is an extremely capable performer who played a massive part in our ability to scale Naked Wines’ digital marketing investment from scratch to multiple millions per year at target payback.

His decision making is excellent – logical, structured and data driven. He is highly productive, efficient and autonomous and his functional expertise in Paid Search, Paid Social and related channels is beyond question.

He builds excellent working relationships and his natural honesty, self awareness and humility means that he is easily able to learn, adapt and grow into any new business challenge.”

Bryn Snelson, Customer Director, Naked Wines
Joe Tinston Profile

“James’ work at onefinestay delivered a significant reduction in our Paid Search spend whilst maintaining our revenue – resulting in a significant improvement in profitability.

He has a rare combination of commercial acumen, analytical smarts and an ability to simplify insights and explain clearly to a range of business stakeholders.”

Joe Tinston, Chief Product Officer, Bloom & Wild (ex-Director Ecommerce, onefinestay)
Diana Mitroskina Profile

“If you want to supercharge your revenue growth through digital, improve the profitability of your investment, or unlock the effectiveness of your team – I couldn’t recommend James more.

Bullet proof logic, focus on profitability and payback, and executional excellence are the first things that come to mind when describing James’s work.

James’s critical thinking is unparalleled – he learns the ins and outs of every channel, and elegantly finds workarounds and technical hacks to get things done in an effective way without costly 3rd parties. 

If you are looking to establish, correct or elevate your digital marketing strategy – James will do a fantastic job!”

Diana Mitroskina, Senior Performance Marketing Manager, Zoopla
Jamie MacNaughton Profile

“James’ strengths include an excellent grasp of the detail, with a rare ability to process a LOT of data and pull out important trends, but also a sharp commercial acumen.

His ability to think on his feet in strategic terms is backed by his excellent capability in handling complex and ambiguous data with commercial intelligence rather than following rigid rules.”

Jamie MacNaughton, Head of Digital Marketing, Tails.com
Ashley Chau Profile

“James is an inspiring coach. He embraces individual growth, gives constructive feedback and provides good guidance. 

His ability to break down complex problems and discover trends in large datasets is mind blowing. James has a unique mix of being highly creative while extremely analytical and data-based.”

Ashley Chau, Head of Digital Performance, Samsung Electronics
Holly Marshall Profile

James is an inspiring coach and leader, consistently motivating teams towards success with his unique talent for embracing individual growth and development. His genuine interest in helping others thrive is evident through his unwavering support and dedication to each team member’s personal and professional advancement.

James’ technical platform and analytical expertise have been game-changers in my career journey. His depth of knowledge in these areas, coupled with his willingness to share insights and offer guidance, has accelerated my professional growth.

Holly Marshall, Performance Marketing Manager, Beauty Pie
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Meta Certified Media Buying Professional

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Some businesses I’ve worked with…

Naked Wines
Beauty Pie
Ivy Pay
Majestic Wine
Pharmacy Prime
Lay & Wheeler

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