My main service areas are detailed below. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for then please do get in touch – I will be able to tell you whether or not I can help!

Strategic / Technical Audits

Getting a third party expert to audit your existing digital marketing activity can offer a fresh perspective to help you uncover untapped opportunities to take your growth to the next level. It is often one of the highest ROI projects that you can invest in.

Each audit I undertake is bespoke and tailored to your business needs and challenges, and can cover any combination of levels from high level and strategic through to deep and technical. Examples of the type of area I can cover include:

  • assessing your current channel mix to identify and prioritise which new and existing paid digital channels provide the best opportunities for future growth. This can include how paid channels should be prioritised against / used in conjunction with non-paid channels such as SEO, organic social and email/CRM
  • assessing whether you have the right processes, tools and operating model in place to deliver your goals most effectively
  • strategic and/or tactical creative reviews, ideation and prioritisation
  • deep diving into your PPC accounts to identify specific tactical opportunities (e.g. audience/keyword targeting, account structure, landing pages, bidding, platform tools)
  • reviewing and inputting into your overall paid digital testing and optimisation plan (or helping to create one if it doesn’t already exist)
  • assessing whether your tracking and reporting is set up optimally to achieve your goals.

PPC Account Management

I can manage your PPC accounts more strategically and more cost effectively than you will typically experience using a traditional digital marketing agency.

I will take time to understand your business’ strategic goals, business model and audience to ensure that setup, testing and optimization is tailored to your unique circumstances (rather than blindly implementing “best practice” regardless of its suitability).

Rigorous testing and optimisation of the post-click customer journey (e.g. landing page, product, offer) is essential in fully unlocking the potential of paid digital channels, and I can work proactively and collaboratively with you and your internal teams to define, produce and implement a post-click test plan to ensure that we’re maximising channel performance.

I have many years of hands-on experience managing (and deep technical knowledge of) PPC accounts across all main paid digital platforms including Meta (Facebook, Instagram), Google (Search, Shopping, Display), TikTok, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Bing, Outbrain, Taboola and more.

Analytics, Tracking & Reporting

Analytics is at the heart of any successful paid digital strategy and it is essential to have relevant, timely and accurate data available across the conversion funnel in order to maximise channel performance and to test and optimise effectively.

Additionally, the rise of both smart bidding and increasingly restrictive legal and technical data privacy changes mean that it is essential to define and implement an advanced tracking setup to stay compliant whilst also staying ahead of the competition in auction bidding. This may include advanced techniques such as server-side tracking, optimising to profit (vs. revenue), automating offline conversion uploads and more.

I began my digital marketing career as a data analyst, straddling the data analytics and acquisition marketing teams. This gave me an excellent foundation and deep technical skills in analytics, tracking, reporting and data visualisation that became the cornerstone of my success as I moved into managing paid digital channels directly.

I have extensive experience using a wide range of data analytics tools and skills such as Looker, PowerBI, Tableau, Supermetrics, Funnel, SQL, Google Analytics, Excel / Google Sheets as well as the analytics capabilities within PPC platforms themselves.

I also have wide experience defining and implementing advanced tracking setups using tools such as Google Tag Manager,, Segment and Zapier.

I can help across a wide range of analytics, tracking and reporting projects, including:

  • Defining and implementing a best-in-class tracking setup in order to ensure that you are feeding in the most relevant, timely and accurate data to the platforms for use in smart bidding, audience targeting and measurement
  • Defining and implementing UTM tracking and campaign structures in order to provide maximum actionable insight for reporting and optimisation
  • Implementing ETL tools in order to stitch together data from ad impression through to conversion (and even post-conversion behaviour such as repeat customer behaviour / lifetime value)
  • Scoping, building and automating all types of digital marketing report, from automated Google Sheets reports to use in day-to-day tactical campaign management through to polished Tableau/Looker reports for the C Suite.
  • Building models to track, measure and predict lifetime value across cohorts and key segment dimensions (e.g. age/gender)
  • Analysing your historic channel data to help define, build and implement the most appropriate attribution model for your business
  • One-off pieces of analysis to answer key business questions.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Increasing conversion rates by optimising your post-click customer journey is essential to achieving profitable scale in paid digital channels.

This is because even a small 5-10% increase in your conversion rate not only delivers 5- 10% more sales, but will also lower your cost per acquisition by 5-10%. You can then choose to bank this improvement as increased profitability, or use it to unlock more scale (i.e. you can bid 5-10% higher in the auction).

Moreover, the relationship between higher bidding and scale is nonlinear, which means a small increase in conversion rate can deliver a significantly higher increase in sales at the same cost per acquisition.

To maximise the potential benefit, you must be willing to test all aspects of your post-click customer journey, including landing page content and UX, checkout, product and price. You also need to measure all downstream effects (e.g. impact on retention / LTV as well as conversion rate).

I have deep experience in significantly improving conversion rates through structured, rigorous, well prioritised and high velocity conversion rate optimisation testing. I can work with you to define, prioritise, implement and measure effective conversion rate optimisation tests that will boost your conversion rates and dramatically increase your ability to scale paid channels profitably.

Coaching & Training

I have extensive experience and a strong track record in developing junior digital marketers and growth marketers into high performers and leaders.

I can help members of your team to accelerate their careers and maximise their ability to impact your business by developing their technical platform expertise, analytical, creative, technical and / or platform-specific skills.

The vast majority of my former direct reports have gone on to build successful careers in senior/leadership positions in the digital and growth marketing space.

All of my coaching & training programmes are tailored to each individual’s unique situation in terms of their prior knowledge, goals and learning style.

“James is an inspiring coach. He embraces individual growth, gives constructive feedback and provides good guidance.”

Ashley Chau, Head of Digital Performance, Samsung Electronics


In-housing your digital marketing activity from external agencies can provide greater control, flexibility, agility and cost efficiency.

I have experience helping clients to successfully in-house their digital marketing as well as building in-house digital marketing teams from scratch.

I can help with all aspects of the in-housing process, including:

  • assessing your existing organisational capabilities and gaps
  • defining the optimal digital team structure and interfaces with other teams
  • hiring and onboarding new team members and upskilling existing ones
  • identifying infrastructure/tools/reporting requirements, then assessing, selecting and implementing specific solutions
  • seamlessly project managing the transition.


I am available for a range of one-time or ongoing paid advisory roles. Types of advisory roles that I am interested in include:

  • providing my expertise for a few hours a week to businesses with small/junior internal digital marketing teams in order to help set and guide the overall strategy and direction
  • provide strategic guidance and expert opinion on digital/growth topics at a board level in an NED capacity
  • working with firms in the venture capital, private equity and M&A spaces to provide an objective third party expert view of a company’s current and planned digital growth strategy and plans as part of the due diligence process
  • regular or ad hoc calls with founders, CEOs or digital/growth leaders to provide general or specific advice on paid digital strategy and/or current challenges.

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