In today’s paid digital marketing ecosystem, it is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve success and scale campaigns efficiently due to a combination of increased competition, reduction in user tracking capabilities, declining user engagement and macroeconomic factors.

It has therefore become more important than ever to get as much efficiency as possible out of your paid digital marketing investment in order to successfully meet your business goals.

A third-party digital marketing audit can offer a fresh perspective to help you uncover untapped opportunities to take your growth to the next level. It is often one of the highest ROI projects that you can invest in.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of a third-party audit and explain why it can be such a valuable investment for businesses that are looking to maximise the effectiveness of their paid digital marketing spend.

Finding Inefficiencies

Paid digital marketing encompasses many different elements, such as campaign structure, audience targeting, ad copy, tracking and bidding strategies.

Additionally, the overall setup can be very complex, with different channels, campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ad creative variants.

In many cases, there will be unidentified inefficiencies or technical setup issues hidden deep within the overall structure that can hinder the success of your campaigns.

A third-party audit can deep dive into your setup – identifying inefficiencies, errors or issues that might be wasting your media budget.

Whether it’s poor keyword selection, irrelevant ad placements, or ineffective bidding strategies, a thorough audit uncovers these issues and provides recommendations for improvement.

This in turn will lead to improvement in key performance metrics such as conversion rate and cost per acquisition.

Competitive Benchmarking

To achieve success in paid digital marketing, it’s essential to understand how your business compares against your competitors and as well as similar companies in comparable verticals. 

A third-party digital marketing audit can provide valuable insights by benchmarking your paid digital marketing activities against industry norms and your competitors’ performance. 

By identifying gaps and opportunities, a third party audit allows you to better refine your strategy and prioritise areas where your business is lagging. 


There are an almost infinite number of potential tests or initiatives your business could implement that could potentially increase the effectiveness of your paid digital marketing effectiveness.

These could cover new channels,  ad creative, audience and keyword targeting, landing page and value proposition testing, amongst others.

Prioritising the right tests  – in particular, getting the balance right between high confidence but lower impact tests versus lower confidence but potentially higher impact tests – is critical to making rapid progress and achieving success. 

A third party audit can help you to prioritise areas and specific tests that are most likely to move the needle for your business – helping you to achieve improvement and success as rapidly as possible. 

Comprehensive Data Analysis and New Insights

Paid digital marketing campaigns generate vast amounts of data.

Analysing this data can be overwhelming, especially for businesses without the necessary expertise or resources. 

Even for businesses with sufficient resources, It is often easy to miss opportunities hidden within the data due to the vast quantities of it that can be produced. 

A third party audit can deep dive into your data from a fresh perspective and help to uncover some of the opportunities and insights hidden within it.

Process and Infrastructure Improvement

An external paid digital marketing expert will have worked with many different businesses and will be able to provide your business with guidance on your digital marketing team’s processes, tools and interfaces with the rest of the business. 

For example, they may be able to provide better recommendations on how to create and implement a best-in-class testing process and methodology to aid optimisation.

Or they may be able to recommend third party tools that will help the team to operate more effectively or cost efficiently across all areas of digital marketing, from creative production to attribution modelling.

Objective Evaluation

A big benefit of a third-party paid digital marketing audit is the unbiased evaluation it provides.

It is easy for internal teams to miss novel or out-of-the-box opportunities for the business they work in due to being so involved on a day-to-day basis.

An external auditor can bring a fresh perspective to your paid digital marketing activities.

They can evaluate your campaigns with a critical eye, identifying potential blind spots or missed opportunities that may have been overlooked by internal teams.

This can lead to new ideas, strategies, and approaches to improve your digital marketing effectiveness.

Specific Domain Expertise

It is very hard to maintain an internal team with sufficient expertise in every single area and skillset that exist within paid digital marketing. 

A third-party audit can bring in experts with specific experience and knowledge to complement your internal team’s existing strengths. 

Whether it’s assessing your ad creative, optimising landing pages, conducting data analysis or implementing advanced targeting techniques, the recommendations from a third-party audit can help you enhance your team’s effectiveness in areas where you are “underweight” in internal expertise.

Knowledge Transfer

Through the audit process, your internal teams can learn from the expertise of the third-party auditor.

They can gain fresh insights, learn new tactics and strategies, as well as learn about new tools and technologies.

This knowledge transfer can empower your team to make more informed decisions, develop new skills, and enhance their overall digital marketing capabilities.


A third party audit can help to dramatically increase the effectiveness of your paid digital marketing investments.

By providing an expert, objective view, a third party audit can find inefficiencies in your current setup, pull out hidden opportunities from your data, provide competitive benchmarking insights, suggest process and infrastructure improvements, help with prioritisation and share knowledge and ideas with internal teams.  

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